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Ignoring SSl certificate when debugging in Android WebView

During development process if you are accessing a web page with SSL certificate you could either get a “Blank Page” or “Page Not Found” error.
To prevent this from happening while developing your app, simply override “onReceivedSslError” of WebViewClient object and continue the execution process.

By doing this, the SSL is being completely ignored and therefore could have a serious result if you forgot to remove the code after development and push the code into production.
To prevent that from happening simply check the build variants.

Adding shake effect in Android

To add a shake effect to a textbox when an error occurs, first add the following 2 XML files in your anim folder

< -- ../main/res/anim/shake.xml -->
1) Control how fast or slow the shake should be in this file.
2) Control how far the shake go from left to right.

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