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Huge Outlook OST file

If you are thinking why Outlook OST file is growing bigger and bigger every day regardless of how many emails you delete.
It seems like no matter how much you try to keep your inbox clean the free space in your hard disk is not getting bigger but only smaller and smaller every day.
Thankfully there is solution to reduce the size of this monstrous file!
Outlook provides an option to compress the OST file and reduce its size. Here is how:
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Keeping leading zeros in Microsoft Excel

There are situations where you need leading zero in your data. For instance, product codes (SKU) or ZIP codes.
For example, when copy and pasting “0800” into Excel, it will be converted to “800”.
That’s because when you copy and paste this data into Microsoft Excel, by default Excel tries to parse the value according to that cells format. Therefore, Excel recognizes data as numeric and strip out the leading zero.
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